Can I check a Japanese import?

Yes, if you have the VIN or Chassis number for the Japanese import vehicle you can begin your search on the CarVX Japanese Car Check Page.

Cartell’s long experience in the automotive industry has indicated to us that a considerable number of our customers in Ireland and the United Kingdom import vehicles which originate in Japan. Therefore we wanted to provide a facility for buyers to check Japanese data records held for the vehicle.

We’re delighted to work with a data partner Car VX to give you exclusive access to Japanese vehicle data. When a vehicle is flagged as a Japanese import in your Cartell Car Check your report will state the vehicle has been brought in from Japan and you will have the option to be directed to Car VX to purchase a Japanese history check if you wish to access more detailed data on the vehicle’s Japanese history.

To access the Car VX site – simply enter the VIN number of the Japanese import you are looking to check on our Japenese import page!

Remember Car VX is a third party site and you should always verify the vehicle make and model and any other identifying vehicle attributes with any third party site before proceeding to purchase vehicle data from that site.