Can I view a sample Cartell check?

Yes. You can view a Sample Cartell Check here.

Many buyers and indeed seller of vehicles ask why they need to use Cartell in advance of the sale or purchase of the vehicle and our answer is always a simple one. For the buyer a Cartell history check will provide reassurance or warn them of dangers associated with purchasing the vehicle. Similarly the seller can enhance the prospects of making a quick sell by provided the reassurance of a Cartell car history check to the buyer which is the gold standard in terms of vehicle data for Irish cars or UK imports.

In the sample report you will be able to see the range of breadth of vehicle data available in a Cartell car history check and as our large number of returning customers testifies to, you will probably never buy or sell a vehicle again without checking it with Cartell.

If you have any questions on any of the data provided in the sample Cartell check then don’t hesitate to contact us and happy and safe motoring to all of you.