Can I check UK Imported vehicles?

Yes. A Three Star Cartell Check on a UK registration will provide you with the complete UK History. If a UK car has been previously imported and is currently on Irish plates, a Three Star Cartell Check will provide you with the UK history in this case as well.

If you are considering importing a vehicle from the UK or Northern Ireland then you should be aware that 1 in 3 UK cars has a hidden history.

All you have to do to get a UK car history check with Cartell is to enter the vehicle registration info and proceed to purchase the car history check. The report will be available immediately after payment

Your Cartell UK Car Check will examine for Outstanding Finance, Damage (Write-Offs), Stolen Vehicles, Plate Transfers, NMR Mileage Check, Vehicle Identity, and Security Watch.

You will then be in a better postion to decide if you wish to proceed with the purchase of the vehicle or otherwise. And sellers can also benefit by providing a Cartell car history check of their vehicle which will remove one of the key barriers to any sale which is the reassurance and trust that the vehicle is safe to drive.