10 Driving Habits To Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel prices seem to have gone through the roof all of a sudden. Here are a few tips and tricks to help increase your fuel efficiency, improve fuel consumption and save some money.

1. Turning on the AirCon when you just don’t have to

We’re not suggesting you sit in a puddle of sweat on your commute, but putting up with a bit of mild discomfort might actually make you feel better in the long run, with your pocket a bit heavier. If you must indulge, turn the A/C off when you’ve cooled down. According to the AA, air con uses more fuel at low speeds, so think about rolling down the windows in towns and only using the air con when out on the open road. and watch that fuel efficiency increase.

2. Having Cruise Control but not bothering to use it

Using cruise control to keep the car at a constant speed, without cnstantly adjusting pressure to the accelerator or changing gear, gives your legs a break and also helps to eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption.

3. Travelling with your wardrobe (and more) in the car

Manufacturers try their best to cut weight out of cars, don’t reverse their hard work. Lose the excess weight! Just keep what’s vitally important – First Aid kit, Spare tyre, etc.

4. Driving with the roofbox when you don’t need it

Having your roofbox permanently perched on the top of your car eats into your MPG. Excess weight combined with added drag = poor fuel economy.

5. Tail-gating

It’s not only dangerous, but will leave you hopping on and off the brake pedal as you constantly react to the movements of the car in front. If you leave a bit more space in front you’ll be able to ease off the accelerator as you anticipate having to slow down ahead.

6. Always rushing, racing and being late

Organise and get yourself together to stop yourself rushing and driving on the limit. Give yourself a few extra minutes and enjoy a stress-free, tranquil journey. On the motorway try driving at 100kph rather than 120kph. Arrive at your destination in a relaxed state for once.

7. Idling

Whether it’s “warming up” the car, or waiting for someone with the engine running, it’s not good for your fuel economy. Plus it’s just not necessary, the car will warm up while in motion.

8. Lack of planning

If you are constantly doing short trips here and there, the engine will never fully heat up. Planning and combining errands gives your car a better chance of reaching the right temperature for optimum fuel efficiency.

9. Ignorance to basic car maintenance

Get the car serviced regularly to keep it running efficiently, keep the engine topped up with oil and keep tyres inflated; under-inflated tyres create more rolling resistance and use more fuel.

10. Your love for the red line

Yes I know it’s nice and fun to rev the car hard through the gears and speed off into the distance but it will do you no favours at the pumps. Resist the temptation and change up a gear at an engine speed of around 2,000 rpm in a diesel car or around 2,500 rpm in a petrol car.

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