NMR reaches 20 million readings!

Vehicle History Check expert Cartell.ie is delighted to announce the National Mileage Register (NMR) has reached the milestone of 20 million mileage readings! Cartell customers have access to the NMR when they conduct a mileage check on Cartell.ie. Set up in 2006 the NMR in Ireland was modelled on the successful NMR in the UK – run by our UK data providers HPI. The UK NMR recently reached its own milestone of 200 million readings!

Cartell.ie has always sought to assist the consumer at every stage of the vehicle history check process and the NMR is designed to assist by providing access to a large repository of readings!


We’ve been pro-active in other ways too:

Regular readers will know that Cartell.ie set its sights on the issue of criminalising the practice of vehicle clocking as early as 2010 when we took the time and resources to draft a legislative  Bill in-house which sought to criminalise clocking as well as introducing related matters. The Oireachtas went on to enact Road Traffic Act 2014, section 14 which criminalises clocking.

As a company we are delighted to continue to take active steps to assist and protect our customers.