Kabzy are a young Irish company looking to secure your vehicle

Vehicle History Check experts Cartell.ie would like to introduce Kabzy who we met recently at a business gig. We liked their approach and what they can offer so we thought we’d give them a little air-time on our blog page. Kabzy are a young Irish company who have made it their mission to ensure your vehicle is secure. How they achieve this is by fitting a small 3G enabled device into your car. From the Kabzy app on your phone you then have the capability to track your car and remotely disable the engine, anytime, anywhere in a matter of seconds.


Over two thirds of all car thefts occur with the thief stealing the owners keys first. With Kabzy installed, even if your keys are taken your car is going nowhere. If your car happens to be stolen, you can even disable the engine when the car is driving. You’re probably thinking, that sounds dangerous right? And in theory it is, but the guys have thought of everything. Their neat Safe Engine Cut Off (SECO™) process will only disable the vehicle when it comes to a safe position to do so. So for example, if the vehicle is driving and you press disable on the app, it will continue to drive as normal, only when the vehicle is under 10km/h for a continuous period of 20 seconds does it cut off. Even with the keys the engine won’t start, with one tap of a button on the app it will start again within 4 seconds.

Another cool feature they have is called Geo-fence, this basically allows you to put a virtual fence around your vehicle (20 metres). If your vehicle is moved outside of this zone, even with the engine off, you are sent an instant alert and you can track your car.

Would you like to know how good of a driver you really are? Kabzy also shows you your driving style and gives you a driver score out of 100. It looks at driving data such as speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, idle time, harsh cornering and gives you a real time score over any period of time you chose. The more conservative a driver you are, the less fuel you burn and the more money you have in your pocket.

You will need to contact Kabzy directly if you are interested in their product and want to find out more about how it works. Kabzy are an entirely separate company to Cartell.ie and while we think their product sounds great we don’t endorse it! -we are simply making you aware of it! Kabzy tell us the cost is €395 per vehicle which includes installation and VAT – and this covers you for 12 months. Every year after that is €150 incl VAT. The company say the reason for the recurring charge is because there is a 3G global sim card within the device that will track your vehicle 24/7 throughout every country in the world. 

You can also view a video of how Kabzy works.