Peugeot 3008 test drive by Daragh O Tuama

Over the years, a car I generally ignored was Peugeot. It just never appealed to my senses, well except for the 407 coupé, I liked that. I’m glad to say however that I’m impressed by what Peugeot have to offer at the moment.

The 3008 crossover was a great move by Peugeot, and it’s now in a place where it can give well due competition to the Qashqai. I know Mitsubishi will be out with a competitor soon enough with the ASX, which I think is due out in and around September or October.

Anyway, for you who haven’t guessed already, a Crossover is a mix between a car and an SUV, and Peugeot’s most recent one is the 3008.

The 3008 was a new experience for me, as this was my first time actually driving a crossover, and in theory I shouldn’t really be a fan of this entire genre, I mean I believe that an SUV should be capable of many things, especially 4×4 driving. But, if the truth be known, I can’t help liking it. Think about it, a car that has the height and feel of an SUV. Its cost is lower than that of an SUV, and generally its fuel consumption mirrors that of a car.

The driving positions that this car offers are great. It gives a feeling of control. Also, with the seat height, it makes you feel above the rest.

Because this model is new to the Irish market, I really enjoyed the fact that people took note of this car passing by. It’s not that the 3008 is a pretty looking car, because it isn’t, it’s that it’s different looking, in a “there’s something about it” type of way.

The interior of this car is very interesting with a large central console and a raised gear stick. A heads-up display comes as standard on the Crossover SV, which adds to the driving experience of this car.

The 3008 has a 5 star NCap rating and contains 6 airbags throughout the car. All of the 3008s are fitted with Electronic Stability Control, ABS and Cornering Control, which of course gives a safer feel to the car. Another added bonus is cruise control as standard on all 3008s.

The 3008 comes with a 1.6 HDi engine which delivers 110 bhp. This same HDi engine ensures good fuel efficiency and its low CO2 emissions place this car in tax band B.

A couple of other things that I liked about this car were its cool box or fridge in the central console – not a bad idea at all. I also liked the practicality of the boot and fold down seats of this car. In seconds flat this car can be changed from a people carrying saloon into a high litre storage car.

I have to be honest; I like this car a lot, which is a pleasant surprise. On paper the Qashqai is selling very well in Ireland – and probably rightly so, but I see this 3008 catching up with them.

Maximum speed is 180kmph and you get 0-100km in about 12 seconds.

You’ll get your paws on a 3008 for between €24,780 and €30,250.


For a few pics and more info log onto www.newstalk.ie/motormouth