Citroen C3 1.4 HDi test drive by Daragh O Tuama

Citroen C3 1.4 HDi

Firstly, in comparison to the last C3 it’s a small bit longer, and just a little bit wider. What does that mean? Well, a little bit more leg room and a little more space and maybe even tighter handling.

The C3 also has what’s called the visiodrive. What’s that? I hear you ask, well what it is is a panoramic view, and to a point I actually like it. It’s essentially a whole load of glass, which goes from the bottom of the front window to about half way up the roof. It really is a nice sight, which makes the C3 feel all the roomier. Even if from the outside this makes it look as though it’s got a receding hairline.

As well as the great views available from this car, it’s also extremely fuel efficient using on average 4.3l/100km. Now that’s efficient! Overall that should give you about 1200 Km. Also, as it only burns 115g/km CO2, it’s cheap to tax as well, being on the A band and costing only €104 per year on road tax.

Although outside noise on the inside has been reduced, I do have to say that on start off this car is still prone to a bit of rattle, and despite being quite small, it’s a bit slow on the off.

In terms of oomph, I wouldn’t really say that this car has much, getting from 0 to 100km in about 14 seconds; it’s more sluggish than I would have hoped, but I guess that is the price you pay for a greener and more economic car.

In terms of looks, as I’ve said before, because of its’ visioview, this car looks like it’s got a receding hairline, but if needs be, there’s a lever on the inside that allows you to pull the roof forward, making the car look a little more normal. The downside to this is that if you’re tall, like me, you’ll be touching the top as it’s pulled across. Other than that the car is as bubbly as ever – which to be honest isn’t something that really appeals to me, but whatever flicks your switch heh?!

Inside this car is quite basic. It’s got what you need if this is going to be your run around car. It’s not filled with items that make you feel hugely comfortable, but it’s got enough to get you from a to b – including a knob by the fans which I still haven’t really figured out!! Also, I noticed that all of the controls around the steering wheel were a bit too close together, but then again, I do have fat fingers!

The responsive steering on this car means it’s very easy to park, which makes it all the more attractive as a city car, but take this car out of the city, off the motorways and onto roads that are a little less cared for and you’ll notice it can be a bit of a bumpy ride. But I don’t reckon a lot of people will be buying this car if there on the road as often as your average sales rep.

In fairness I have to say that this car is great if your a city dweller, but if you fancy taking it out of its comfort zone I’d go for something a little sturdier, like a mini or even…God forgive me, a fiesta.

If you tend to drive short distances and you like travelling in a bubble, then this may be the machine for you. And at a price of €15,065, it’s quiet attractive for the city folk of this country.

Sadly though, it’s not the one for me. The sluggishness, the rattles and the receding hairline aren’t really my cup of tea. I’ll put it this way though. I look forward to seeing what the C3 Picasso has to offer.


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