Cartell UK Car Check; Finance Check, Damage Check, Mileage Check, etc.

Are you considering importing a vehicle from the UK or Northern Ireland?

1 in 3 UK cars has a hidden history. In fact, below you can see the average number of Finance, Write-Off, and Mileage Alerts our UK Car Check provides to consumers, on a Monthly basis.
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How to Get A UK Car Check with Cartell

Always make sure you’re thorough and diligent in your search for a used UK car.

Enter the vehicle registration into the box below and proceed as instructed to get your UK vehicle history report.

Buying or selling a car?

Get a Cartell Car Check first.

Your Cartell Check

Your Cartell UK Car Check will examine for Outstanding Finance, Damage (Write-Offs), Stolen Vehicles, Plate Transfers, NMR Mileage Check, Vehicle Identity, and Security Watch.

Also included in the UK Car Check is Cartell’s VRT Calculator which will calculate the Revenue charge of importing the vehicle.

Like Cartell Car Checks on Irish vehicles you will be able to verify the vehicles VIN/Chassis Number.

For vehicles originating from or registered in the Isle of Man their history is not covered in a UK check.

UK Car Check Breakdown

  • Full HPI Check
    • Finance Check
    • Damage / Write-Off Check
    • Stolen Vehicle Check
    • Plate Transfer Check
    • NMR Mileage Check
    • Vehicle Identity Verification
  • Tax & MOT History
  • Vehicle Registration Tax Calculator
  • VIN/Chassis Number
  • Cartell Price Guide
  • Car Intelligence Guide
    • This is the number of similar cars for sale and how long it takes to sell them.

Sample Cartell UK Car Check

SAMPLE – UK Car Check 

View a sample Cartell UK Car Check here!

What should I do if a UK registration number is not found on Cartell?

Contact Cartell with the Registration Number, Make, Model and VIN/Chassis Number and we will investigate this for you.

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