Mileage Check: Why was the previous mileage not shown on the Cartell Car Check?

A Cartell Car Check does not explicitly show NMR mileage records in order to help mitigate against the risk of mileage manipulation (otherwise known as clocking). The practice of showing mileage records on a car check where no discrepancy is found aids clocking. Cartell is not in the business of assisting clocking. A Cartell car history check will only raise an alert if it identifies a discrepancy between the mileage entered and the NMR.

Cartell and the NMR are here to help prevent this activity. For more information on the NMR (National Mileage Register) and how it works please see our NMR Help page www.cartell.ie/how-it-works/help/nmr-mileage-help/

The NMR (National Mileage Register) is Ireland’s first and largest database of recorded mileage. Cartell started collecting mileage when it launched in May 2006. It is integrated into all Cartell Car Checks. When you purchase a Cartell Car Check, you should enter the exact mileage of the vehicle. This is then compared against the NMR and a discrepancy will be returned on the report if such is found on the system. The UK NMR operates in a similar fashion. Our partners HPI UK own and operate the UK NMR and Cartell are the only company in Ireland with access to this database.