What is a Cartell Check?

A Cartell Check is Ireland’s most reliable and accurate vehicle history check. It provides you with a detailed history of a vehicle, allowing buyers to make the most informed decision.

Cartell, Ireland’s first and No.1 car history check was launched to assist individual car-buyers and dealers when purchasing a used vehicle. Being the first to introduce this invaluable service to Ireland, our experience in the industry has made ‘getting a Cartell Car History Check’ a commonly used phrase in the Irish automotive industry. When you want a car history check carried out by the real experts, always look for the official Cartell logo.

Cartell have access to more car data than anyone else and our thorough investigations have helped thousands of people avoid purchasing cars that have been clocked, written-off, ex-taxi’s, or that have unpaid finance against them, saving them from unnecessary costs and heartache. Our research estimated that up to 1 in 3 used vehicles has an undesirable history, so it was clear that an effective solution to this problem was put in place to help protect Irish consumers.