How do I value my car in Ireland?

Value my car Ireland

So it’s time to sell your car and you are asking yourself “How do I value my car?” in Ireland. With all the fluctuations in cost of living, supply of vehicles globally and issues as far-reaching as pandemics and wars coming up with an accurate figure is not straightforward.  You may have a ballpark figure in your head with regard to valuation of your car but obtaining a valuation from the most trusted automotive data supplier in Ireland is going to add more weight and authority to setting a fair price for the car.

Cartell’s valuation tool is known as the Cartell Car Price Guide (CPG) and is available when purchasing a three star Cartell car history check.

Accurate Car Valuations for Irish or UK Registered Cars

Traditionally used car price guides were simple marketplace estimates based on limited information such as depreciation over time but to obtain an accurate valuation requires a more comprehensive overview of the vehicle as well as access to more data. That is where the CPG comes in and in terms of providing a more accurate way for motorists to value their cars it has revolutionised that process.

Value Your Car Accurately Using Cartell’s CPG

Cartell value cars using a much wider range of data and taking far more information into account. We access a number of databases to obtain information that is essential to determining a more accurate picture of the car’s genuine value. This information helps to generate a more rounded picture of the real value of the car as it takes into account a myriad of factors that contribute to how much the car is worth including

  • Mileage
  • Spec
  • Owner History
  • NCT History
  • Tax History

And to get an instant valuation of your car you simply need to input the registration and the mileage so it’s incredibly simple to use. You will then be provided with current valuation as well as a one and three year future valuation for the car in question.

Why You Should Value You Car With Cartell

  • Our data resources will enable you to get a more well-rounded and accurate valuation of the car provided by a trusted name in the automotive marketplace.
  • If you are considering trading your vehicle to a garage then many dealers know and recognise the Cartell name and understand the power behind our CPG valuation service.
  • If you are selling your vehicle privately and there is haggling around price as there usually is when it comes to selling used cars then a Cartell valuation will be a good reference point for this negotiating process. Cartell is a verified and wholly independent third party source to assist in determining price and carries a lot of authority in Ireland.

Cartell CPG Sample Report Valuation Data

Why Car Valuation in Ireland Matters?

Sellers will always want a good price and buyers will always seek a bargain, usually they agree to meet halfway or come to some sort of compromise over price but it’s always worth having an independent source of reliable information to estimate the value of the item being sold in the first place. This is particularly true when it comes to more expensive items like cars or houses.

The Cartell Car Price Guide is a well-respected valuation service in Ireland that values a car on its unique history (instead of the limited valuations that only look at year, make and model).  That’s the reason Cartell’s CPG valuation tool is used across Ireland by financial and insurance companies – they depend on highly detailed and reliable data and they come to Cartell to get it. Motor dealerships in Ireland also depend on the accuracy of Cartell’s valuation data so if you are selling a car then the Cartell CPG is your go-to resource for valuing the car.

The valuation of the car is available in any two or three star Cartell car history check and buyers or sellers of cars in Ireland can simply print off the valuation section of report (which they will receive via email) and present it during the sales process.