Cartell calls for change in law to clean up industry

Cartell®, the independent car history check, is calling for a change in the law that will protect consumers against what they describe as “potentially critical procedures” currently operating within the motor industry.

According to Jeff Aherne, Spokesperson for Cartell, “We are a consumer driven service and provide the Irish car-buying public with a range of effective safeguards which ultimately allow consumers purchase safer vehicles, secure in the knowledge that they have been thoroughly checked out. While we work closely with Government services and other sectors to establish, verify and record the history on a vehicle; in recent months, we understand that there may be potentially critical procedures operating within the motor industry. These procedures are in place predominately due to legal loop-holes which is why we are calling for a change in law.”

Cartell wants to highlight what they believe to be potentially critical procedures within the motor industry, relating specifically to vehicles that are deemed complete write offs and their ultimate whereabouts. In addition, Cartell believes the lack of communication of this information between key parties within the motor industry, and the negative impact of this, is a matter of public interest. As a result Cartell is calling for the following;

Short Term

A thorough independent review of procedures within the motor industry relating to how information on complete write off cars is passed from key parties, i.e. insurance companies, An Garda Síochána and official Government owned motor databases.

Long Term

A review, and where necessary amendments to the law where it would be compulsory for aforementioned parties to pass on information to the relevant parties. At present, it is not the case and Cartell believes it is a consumer right to have all pertinent information about a vehicle before purchase.

Ultimately, Cartell believes the following process should be implemented;

  • All parties to forward write off data to VRU
  • VRU and RSA to review the data
  • Notification to all drivers of these vehicles
  • Inspection by Automotive Engineers of these vehicles
  • Support to the current private system ( to prevent a person purchasing one of these vehicles