Cartell Finance Check

If you are considering buying a used car, get yourself a Cartell Finance Check to make sure you don’t inherit previous car loans.

The consequences of purchasing a car with outstanding finance can be devastating. In the worst cases, the buyer will have the car repossessed and will NOT recoup the money spent on it.

In a previous study conducted by Cartell. It was shown that 14.3% of all vehicle checked in 2017 had outstanding finance.

You can read more from that study here.

Cartell Finance Check
Sample Finance Check from a Cartell Check

SAMPLE – Cartell Car History Check 

View a sample Cartell Car Check (including UK History) here!

Get Yourself A Finance Check!

Avoid the heartbreak and hassle of buying a car with outstanding finance.

Check the Finance status with Cartell using one of the following options:

Irish Cars

  • 8 years old & older – 3 Star Cartell Check – €25
  • Less than 8 years old – 3 Star Cartell Check – €35

UK Cars:

  • 8 years old & older – 3 Star Cartell Check – €25
  • Less than 8 years old – 3 Star Cartell Check – €35

NOTE: 3 Star Cartell Checks include; Full HPI UK History Check, Irish History Check, Mileage Check, Finance Check, and a Write-Off Check. Plus much more!

How To Complete A Finance Check with Cartell?

It’s very easy…

  1. Enter the registration of the vehicle into the Blue Box below and click “Go!”.
  2. Choose our 3 Star Cartell Check.
  3. Proceed through the final steps as instructed.




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