Cartell Finance Check

If you are considering buying a used car, get yourself a Cartell Finance Check to make sure you don’t inherit previous car loans.

The consequences of purchasing a car with outstanding finance can be devastating. In the worst cases, the buyer will have the car repossessed and will NOT recoup the money spent on it.

You can read more from that study here.

Cartell Finance Check
Sample Finance Check from a Cartell Check

SAMPLE – Cartell Car History Check 

View a sample Cartell Car Check (including UK History) here!

Get Yourself A Finance Check!

Avoid the heartbreak and hassle of buying a car with outstanding finance.

Check the Finance status with Cartell using one of the following options:

Irish Cars

  • 8 years old & older – 3 Star Cartell Check – €35
  • Less than 8 years old – 3 Star Cartell Check – €45

UK Cars:

  • 8 years old & older – 3 Star Cartell Check – €35
  • Less than 8 years old – 3 Star Cartell Check – €45

NOTE: 3 Star Cartell Checks include; Full HPI UK History Check, Irish History Check, Mileage Check, Finance Check, and a Write-Off Check. Plus much more!

How To Complete A Finance Check with Cartell?

It’s very easy…

  1. Enter the registration of the vehicle into the Blue Box below and click “Go!”.
  2. Choose our 3 Star Cartell Check.
  3. Proceed through the final steps as instructed.

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