We are familiar with this scenario of motorists frantically seeking to find a replacement log book. In fact because log books (or as they are called nowadays, vehicle registration certificates) are rarely used unless someone is buying or selling a car they get misplaced quite a lot. Just like a birth certificate or a passport they are among the most commonly lost documents out there. But if you do lose your log book then what is the process to get your replacement sorted as quickly and painlessly as possible?

Where to Get a Replacement Log Book?

Like a lot of things when it comes to official documentation there is a little bit of bureaucract involved when it comes to getting your replacement log book.  The form you are after is called the RF134 and you can get one of these by dropping into your local motor tax office. With  the price of fuel these days though you might be better off just getting a digital version of the from from motortax.ie. Then it’s just a case of downloading the form, printing it off, filling out the requested details and then getting yourself down to the nearest Garda station to get the document witnessed and stamped.

You must remember that the Garda on duty will need to verify you are who you say you are in order for you to get your replacement log book. Therefore you will need to bring along some personal identification (your passport), proof of address (a recent utilities bill) and your social services card. The Garda may also ask you to demonstrate you are the owner of the vehicle in question so make sure to bring what paperwork or documents you have available that can substantiate your ownership claim.

How Much Does A Replacement Log Book Cost?

The current cost of a replacment log book is €12 and you can pay this via cheque or postal order to your local motor tax office. Of course you will need the stamped form from the Garda in order for the replacement log book to be provided.

So if you are considering selling your used car in the near future and have lost your log book then it’s a good idea to get started on the process of getting the replacement log book as soon as possible as it can take time for the entire process to be completed. You will need a log book (or to use the correct term, vehicle registration certificate) to sell the vehicle as nobody in their right mind will purchase a vehicle if the seller doesn’t have possession of the log book.

And if you thinking of selling your used car then we would highly recommend CarsIreland.ie and their new ad platform as the best place to do it for a number of reasons:

  • Best Value ad from just €8
  • Ad will be listed until the vehicle is sold
  • Seller must prove ownership of vehicle by entering the log book or vehicle registration certificate number (security feature to help prevent scams)
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And when you do get your hands on the new log book please immediately place it in a secure location along with your other important documentation as a lost log book is one of the most common reasons for delays in the sales of private vehicles and a headache you will want to avoid.

Finally if you are selling a vehicle then if you want to reassure any buyers then get a Cartell car history check and provide it along with the log book when the buyer comes along.