Uptime percentage (excluding scheduled maintenance) 100%
Uptime percentage (including scheduled maintenance) 99.96%
Scheduled downtime 3hrs
Unscheduled downtime 0

Scheduled Maintenance

In 2014 thus far we have had two scheduled maintenance periods.

Date Reserved Time Actual Reason
Sat 1st March 2014 1am-6am 2.15am-3.15am Cloud Migration
Sat 8th March 2014 1am-6am 3.30am-4.30am Cloud Migration

2014-06-03 SSL Certificate Issues

On Monday 3rd June 2014 we carried out a scheduled and routine SSL certificate upgrade following a testing period with selected customers. Unfortunately a minority of customer systems that used Oracle Wallet Manager or legacy versions of ASP could not handle the more modern certificate format. After troubleshooting various options we reverted to a more basic SSL certificate format. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.