Uptime percentage (excluding scheduled maintenance) 99.9995%
Uptime percentage (including scheduled maintenance) 99.9995%
Scheduled downtime  0 min
Unscheduled downtime 2m 30s

At Cartell IT we work hard to provide secure, stable and relable services. Normally we aim for a service uptime in the region of 99.95% or better (including scheduled mantenance!). FYI 99.95% works out to be about 4.3 hours downtime per year.

For 2012 we are happy to announce that we have exceeded our expectations and attained a service uptime of 99.9995%. The only blemish on a perfect 100% record was a 2 min and 30 second outage on the 5th May 2012 caused by a failover bug in a Cisco router.

A big thanks to Blacknight for providing such a great hosting environment backed up with excellent support. We would like to thank the projects that contribute to making our infrastructure so robust.