Clocking Rate 11% in Republic of Ireland


Cartell Clocking Bill in the Oireachtas

Clocking Rate 11% in the Republic of Ireland

Used Car History Check expert today (3rd January 2013) reports the clocking rate in the Republic of Ireland stands at 11% of the fleet in 2012. The figure is based on a sample size in excess of 50,000 from a data-set which is the most complete in the Irish market. The rate of clocking has steadily increased since the recession commenced. The figure of 11% is almost twice as high as the comparable figure in the UK which currently stands at 6% according to UK vehicle history check company HPI.

To assist in combating the rise in vehicle clocking in the Republic of Ireland, particularly concerning private-to-private transactions which are vulnerable under current consumer provisions, Cartell’s legal division drafted a Bill which seeks to criminalise vehicle clocking in the Republic of Ireland. The Bill passed Stage I in the Oireachtas at the end of the 2012 Dáil Session and is set for Stage II later in 2013.

Cartell Director Jeff Aherne says: “Clocking is a problem in Ireland, and the incidence rate has crept worryingly upwards in the past few years. We drafted the Bill because we are concerned with the situation, and we want to be pro-active and champion consumer interests – that’s what this is about. It’s also important to be responsible with the figures. At present the rate of clocking in the Republic of Ireland, based on car history checks carried out by, is almost 11%. This will increase if the Government fails to take action.”

Notes to Editors

“Clocking” of a motor vehicle means the resetting of a vehicle’s odometer to display less miles than those actually traveled

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One thought on “Clocking Rate 11% in Republic of Ireland

  • Thank You Cartell!!!,
    Its nice to see some figures finally on the extent of clocking of Irish Vehicles I hope it is published as much as Possible. Almost twice as high as the figure in the UK which currently stands at 6%, The framework that you intend to introduce will hopefully bring that down substantially but until then many dealers including myself will only stock import cars from the uk,
    That is the one owner lease vehicles with a full service history and warranted mileage, Customers out there should still be vigilant and demand a cartell report with all vehicles and always demand a warranty with any vehicle you buy, remember its probably the second highest purchase you will ever make in your lifetime.

    Anthony Conaghan Cars,

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