Vehicle Not Found

No Irish or UK vehicle details were found for registration 'ABC12DEF'

Reasons for this may include:
  • Is it a valid registration number? Check that you have entered the correct digits. Sometimes '1's and 'I's , '0's and 'O's can be hard to tell apart.
  • It may take up to two weeks for Irish Vehicle information to be available from date of registration or import.
  • UK vehicles especially those with a Northern Irish registration may have undergone a recent plate transfer, it may take a month for the DVLA/DVLNI to update records. Unscrupulous traders have been known to use a rapid plate transfer and re-sale to hide undesirable vehicle history.
  • UK Systems may be off-line carrying out essential database updates
  • If you are confident you have the correct registration and none of the above scenarios apply, please Contact Us as we can make investigations on your behalf.
  • Purchasing a vehicle not listed on Cartell databases is considered high risk.

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