Two Star Check

Price: From €10*

A Cartell Two Star Car Check will enable you to check:

Irish History.

  • The number of previous owners – compare the entry on your Cartell Car Check and the VRC.
  • If the vehicle has been off the road for long periods – report will show tax gaps and if the tax expiry date is in the past.
  • If the vehicle has been imported – report will provide previous registration and date of first registeration in Ireland.
  • Dates of sale – including all trade and private registered sales.


  • If the vehicle is the correct specification – compare detailed model on report, on the vehicle and Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) to see if they match.
  • If the engine has been changed – may be an indication that the vehicle has been involved in a front side collision.
  • If the vehicle is a clone or a “cut-and-shut” – cross-reference vehicle Chassis Number and VRC with Cartell Car Check. If different, the vehicle may have the identity of another vehicle or possibly stolen.
  • If the vehicle documentation is valid or forged – compare VRC and NCT Certificate Number and details on Cartell Car Check and vehicle. If VRC does not match the vehicle may be stolen. If the NCT Certificate does not match the NCT may be invalid.


  • If the odometer reading entered highlighted any discrepancies which may require further investigation

Scrapped / Written Off.

  • If the vehicle has been recorded as Scrapped or Written Off (Source National Vehicles File).


  • If the vehicle has been taxed as a Taxi, Hackney or a Commercial Vehicle.

*Special price for vehicles 8 years and older. Normal price €20