Where can I find the VIN/Chassis Number?

The VIN/Chassis Number can usually be found on the dashboard of the vehicle or on the driver side door where the door latches when it is closed. The VIN/Chassis Number can also be found on the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) and should match the VIN/Chassis Number on the vehicle. The VIN/Chassis Number is usually 17 characters long. Enter the VIN/Chassis Number using zeros rather than the letter O where applicable, also use 1 rather than the letter i.

Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) Information

Enter the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) Number without any spaces, using zeros rather than the letter O. The VRC number is on the front of the certificate, see example. Pending on when the last change of ownership occurred or how new the vehicle is the vehicle ownership documentation will be a VRC or a Vehicle Licensing Certificate (VLC).

NCT Information

Enter the NCT number without any spaces. The NCT number is the long bold black number on the front of the certificate. If the vehicle has just passed the NCT, make sure the NCT pass date corresponds with the NCT number you are trying to verify. If the NCT pass date on Cartell is the old date, then the old NCT number will be on the system until the NCT has updated the Government files. If you have any questions with regard to this then please contact our customer care team.

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