sponsors Rally of the Lakes 2010 is delighted to announce that it is to be the main sponsor of the 2010 Rally of the Lakes. This prestigious motoring event is one of the highlights in the Irish motor sport calendar.

In these gloomy economic times we are proud to sponsor an event which gives an economic boost to Killarney and the south west region. Rallying makes a great spectacle and thrills those who are part of the action. Tourism will benefit from the event and it’s an opportunity to forget about the current economic woes and focus on the cars and the crack. has provided vehicle history checks to the motoring community since May 2006 and brought the concept of history checking to these shores, so it’s a good fit. already sponsors the Diesel Rally Team piloted by Brian Dennis.

The Rally itself has a great pedigree and looking back as far as 1979, there are a few cars and winners worthy of mentioning. The late Bertie Fisher and Rory Kennedy have won the event no less than 5 times in multiple vehicles and in 1991 by a Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4×4. This is my favourite vehicle of all time and one day soon I will be the proud owner of a Cossie.

Cossie’s aside, will be supplying prizes and tickets to the event. The Rally of the lakes is a counting round for the following championships

Keep your eyes on our site and check out Newstalk’s Motormouth on Monday nights at 22:00 for more information from me. You can also check out the website Rally of the Lakes 2010 and the Star Newspaper and the Glen Eagle Hotel. The first round of the Rally takes place on Saturday 1st May 2010 and finishes on the Sunday.

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